What is this text amendment thing all about?

The owners of the Rock Creek Country Club would like to remove the “open space overlay” that keeps the golf course from being turned into something else. Without the protection of the open space overlay, the land could be re-zoned and developed. They attempted to do this by re-writing a small part of the community plan with a “text amendment” as though the open space overlay had originally been placed there in error. It was not an error, nor was it a minor little issue. The implications for community planning all over Oregon are huge. The residents of Rock Creek heard about the amendment, and banded together to stop it.

Who are the Friends of Rock Creek?

Friends of Rock Creek, Inc. is organized as a nonprofit community organization devoted primarily to preserving the community’s traditions, land use, zoning, and open space designations by representing it before local legislature and administrative agencies that have authority over such matters. The goal of the corporation is maintain and enhance the quality of life in the Rock Creek Community. The Friends of Rock Creek board of directors are residents of Rock Creek who monitor local government activity that could have a negative impact on the Rock Creek community.

The Rock Creek Country Club owners withdrew their application to remove the open space overlay – why should we be concerned now?

It is true- faced with certain rejection, the owners of the Rock Creek Country Club did withdraw their request for the text amendment that would open the golf course property to development. This was just the first round, a chance for the RCCC to get it done cheaply and before the public became aware of the impact. Since the community came together to block that effort, the Rock Creek Country Club will have to try another tactic. We want to be prepared when that happens and not be surprised as we were with their first attempt.